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Number Line Records Anthology - Various Artists LP (Sealed)

Number Line Records Anthology - Various Artists LP (Sealed)

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Anthology is a limited edition, vinyl-only compilation featuring brand new tracks from Tarsius, Similar Objects, Some Gorgeous Accident, Big Hat Gang, Slow Hello, plant a tree, and the Treblinka Love Scene, plus remastered tracks from Eyedress, Outerhope, Love in Athens, Manuel Nicolas Alvero, Multo, Modulogeek, and Third World Summer. Along with Tarsius’ Primate LP, the compilation introduces physical releases into Number Line Records’ once digital-only catalog.




A1 Eyedress - Teen Spirits

A2 Love In Athens - Waiting for Sundays

A3 Outerhope - Hear the Days Go

A4 Some Gorgeous Accident - Bright Lights

A5 Manuel Nicolas Alvero - Amateur Cartography

A6 Tarsius - 15km (feat. Mads Adrias Of Stranger Danger)

A7 Third World Summer - Displaced Voices


B1 Similar Objects - Infinite Love Is The Only Truth Everything Else Is An Illusion

B2 Modulogeek - 3.14

B3 Plant A Tree - PNP4

B4 Big Hat Gang - A To B

B5 The Treblinka Love Scene - There's A Loraine For Every Mountain Range

B6 Slow Hello - Fair Weather Friend

B7 Multo - Casual Fridays