Backspacer Records 2023 Milestones

As we celebrate our 2nd year of opening our physical store in Pasig, we wish to share with you other important milestones we've marked for the first half of 2023. As a local independent record store business, we keep on striving to build our credibility towards the goal of being a trusted brand in the Philippine music industry. Opportunities have opened up for Backspacer Records in two fronts:

First, as a record store, we constantly look for ways to improve our customer service by streamlining our operational processes. We aim to provide an enjoyable music shopping experience to our customers online and in-store. We carefully choose our supplier partners, couriers, and payment gateways to be able to provide fast, easy, and efficient service to vinyl and OPM lovers anywhere in the world. We are glad to now offer a channel that can widen the reach and bring Filipino music on vinyl worldwide.

Second, as a young record label, we are grateful for that more and more projects are being entrusted to us by our partner artists and music labels. Over the last 2 years of vinyl production and close to the completion of our 32nd project, we can only promise to continue to work with integrity, fairness, honesty, transparency, and high level of professionalism. We are proud of what we've achieved in this short time, but we also feel that we still have a lot to learn and improve upon. Backspacer Records is happy to stay at the background and shine the spotlight to artists and musicians, being a strong support and a service provider to them.

To all our friends and supporters through the years, we appreciate your loyalty. We thank you for being with us in this exciting ride. Let's keep the music playing and the records spinning!

Robert and Tasha Tuazon

Backspacer Records

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